About Us

Lucky Bob Woodcraft is a father and son carpentry shop in Burlington, Vermont. We specialize in custom wood pieces, turned bowls, and furniture restoration.

LBW was recently interviewed by Makerviews.com for their Miniviews series. Click here to see the feature.

The Makers

Lucky Bob (AKA Lucas Robert) is the hardest working four year old you’ll ever meet. He wants to try whatever his Dad does, which means he’s usually building or fixing something. Most evenings and weekend he joins Dad at the workbench to help with client work or tinker with his own projects. When he’s not in the workshop you’ll find him watching Marvel movies with his cat, Bernie, or helping his Mom with her PhD homework.

Matt Williams (AKA LB’s Dad) is a life-long woodworker. Like Lucky Bob, he started woodworking with his dad, who started woodworking with his dad. Matt’s tool collection includes family heirlooms that have been in constant use for over 100 years. His woodworking experience varies from rough construction to fine furniture building and restoration. When he’s not in the shop you’ll find him protecting the citizens of Gotham┬ámanaging an optometry practice.

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